How can Accelerate PR help?

Well executed PR is a cost effective and powerful marketing tool. As one of London’s leading boutique PR, advertising and social media agencies we’ve been integral to growing our client’s businesses into brands. From renowned social media and print marketing campaigns to email marketing, advertising and branding, Team Accelerate has a well trodden path to success. Why not explore our services?


 The ROI that well-placed, well-written and well-planned editorial content can offer is phenomenal. Accelerate PR will handle the process from start to finish.

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For a business and brand to succeed in today’s global digital marketplace, it’s vital to work with a pioneering team that understands every aspect of social media.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what words would your customers use to describe your brand? Let us help you paint that picture.

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Our team, led by Managing Director Joel Newman, will draw on their years of experience to ensure your marketing plan is airtight, relatable and memorable.

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From broadsheets to specialist publications, we’ll make sure your products or services are noticed and admired by the people who count.

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Email marketing is economical to run, easy to manage and a proven method for driving sales. Our CRM specialist will help you create bespoke campaigns.

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Looking for non-automotive support?

The success of our social media campaigns led to the creation of our ‘Non Automotive’ division in 2014 (shush!). We now help shape the future of clients in fields as varied as food, health care, education, insurance, music and film production! Why not explore our services?

Some of our clients

Not seen the timed shoot out from Goodwood yet? Here, we've got you. That's your lunchtime viewing sorted then...
Will we see a combustion-powered car reclaim the top spot at #goodwoodfos next year? If you ask us, we wouldn't bet…