About Accelerate PR

Founded in 2008 by Joel Newman, Accelerate PR has gone from strength to strength, expanding its service offering to cater for both automotive and non-automotive industries.

The small, but knowledgable team regularly secure placements in publications such as The Telegraph, The Sun, Auto Express, Classic and Sports Car and Evo Magazine. Accelerate PR’s clients to date have included companies as varied as GSF Car Parts, Motorbase Performance, Wolf and Badger, Taunton School, ValetPRO, Apec Braking and Quantum Cryogenics.

With over 130,000 “likes” on the Accelerate PR Facebook page and a weekly reach of over two and a half million UK residents, we’re responsible for a range of campaigns that have driven engagement and sales; we are proud of our prowess in digital marketing.

Social media is an ideal place to tell a story, build an audience and leverage the power of technology to spread that message faster than ever before… all at the fraction of the cost of a traditional advertising campaign (thankfully those days are over!).

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Accelerate PR

Looking for a PR company that will deliver real results? Our team of experienced journalists and marketing professionals have years of experience in both automotive and non-automotive sectors.


The brand stories we tell are broadcast through channels fit for today’s digitally- connected audiences. Why not have a look at our latest social media campaigns?


The modern customer journey demands a multi-channel approach. We provide all of the PR and marketing services you need to portray a seamless brand experience.


Our team comprises published journalists and expert marketing professionals. We deliver tangible results and know better than anyone else.


You won’t billboards or banner ads here. We tell powerful stories, then shout about them through social media and well-crafted editorial.


Seeing is believing. Take a glimpse at our years of experience in running both automotive and non-automotive PR campaigns. View our portfolio.


We are proud of our extensive network of contacts, both in London and further afield. This allows us to secure coverage you will be hard-pushed to secure elsewhere?

Meet Joel Newman, MD

“I began my career working in the press office of famed film director Ridley Scott over in Los Angeles. After two successful years and having worked on feature films and commercials I decided to follow my passion and returned to the UK in 2001 with a mission.”

Ever since his return to the UK, until the end of 2008, Joel worked as the full-time Feature Writer then Editor of a celebrated car magazine, in addition to his freelance writing (see jdnewman.co.uk).
With past experience in promotion, media representation and journalism Joel decided the time was right and put his two passions together to create Accelerate PR: a PR and social media agency staffed by the very best journalists, writers, photographers, designers, social and digital marketers.

Accelerate PR serves one purpose: getting you, your product or your service noticed by the people who count.

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