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Founded in 2008, Accelerate PR  is a content and digital marketing agency that helps businesses get more clients and customers. We utilise Facebook and Instagram, the most precisely targeted advertising platform on the planet and we’ve won awards for our work. We won’t just bring you more website traffic, we’ll bring you traffic that converts into sales. If you are looking for an agency to keep your social media profiles updated and managed, that’s not us. Our social media marketing, advertising, retargeting and design services are for business owners who demand results – a Return On Investment you can track. We help businesses build communities of highly targeted consumers, and then we create content and bespoke funnels that generate leads or sales from targeted digital advertising. By offering a full circle solution, Accelerate set-up, test, optimise and manage entire campaigns, creating funnels and targeted advertising that generates quality leads or sells product and services. Most importantly, we know how to make digital marketing work for every kind of business, no more smoke and mirrors. Pound-for-pound, we’ll make sure you get the best ROI – we’ve won awards for it. Social media is an ideal place to tell a story, build an audience and leverage the power of technology to spread that message faster than ever before… all at the fraction of the cost of a traditional advertising campaign (thankfully those days are over!). Why not give the team a call to discuss your business and how we may help?
Accelerate PR
Looking for a digital agency that will deliver real results? Our team of experienced content and marketing professionals have over 10 years experience advertising on social.


The brand stories we tell are broadcast through channels fit for today’s digitally- connected audiences. Why not have a look at our latest social media campaigns?


The modern customer journey demands a multi-channel approach. We provide all of the PR and marketing services you need to portray a seamless brand experience.


Our team comprises published journalists and expert marketing and advertising professionals. We deliver tangible results and generate on average a 5x return on ad spend. Yes for every £1 we get you back £5!


We manage our clients accounts in real time. That means our content is current, and our customer interactions immediate.


Seeing is believing. We’ve helped over 100 clients and counting. Take a glimpse at our smorgasbord. View our portfolio.


We are proud of our extensive network of contacts. This allows us to secure coverage you will be hard-pushed to secure elsewhere.

The chap who started it all. Meet Joel
Accelerate PR began life as a traditional PR agency that also worked on digital. Fast forward over a decade and things have reversed,  but that’s a great thing.  You see, traditional PR is intangible, it’s unquantifiable, it’s subjective. It’s just not cricket. It’s now true that nearly all companies have a digital presence, Accelerate ensure that that presence is profitable. In many cases it’s the most profitable income stream of our clients. With effective digital you can measure every aspect of every campaign. You can define clear goals. You can sell product. You can optimise. You can scale. We’ve spent over £1.6million on Facebook advertising in the past 5 years alone, and delivered over £10.8 million in product sales as a result. I fell in love with digital because my (rather simple) brain loves facts and figures. I need to know and understand why we are delivering so we can continue to do so, and digital enables exactly that. Funnily enough, our clients also like to know we are doing a good job too. Since 2008 I’ve grown a team of genuine specialists (and friends), and we’ve been helping clients in every field from classic cars to cryogenics, drive targeted traffic, sell products and service, build customer databases and emass global communities of engaged brand advocates. It’s a job I adore and I’m genuinely proud of the work we do, especially – and the results we get. Accelerate PR serves one purpose: getting you, your product or your service into the hands of the people who count – the ones who purchase.

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