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Web Design

Today’s consumers turn to the web without a second thought. Are you missing out on this digital revolution? Our web designers are here to help.

Graphic Design

From printed adverts to packaging, our graphic designers have it covered. They will turn your vision into reality. Why not give us a call?

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Video Production

We are all consuming more video content than ever before to digest the information we need to in our busy lives. Take advantage of this trend.


    First impressions count. Does your brand portray a professional, trustworthy image, or one which is stuck in the 1990s?

    Web Design

    Did you know that globally, mobile usage exceeded desktop usage as early as 2014? As a nation we also have a shorter attention span than ever and it is those companies that can meet our needs quickly that are winning the race to our wallets.

    Worryingly, many companies still do not realise this. Their website does not cater for mobile users, are slow to load and rarely updated because it is so difficult for them to do so.

    The web design team at Accelerate PR are leading industry professionals. They don’t just focus on pretty pictures and nice fonts, they will design a website which caters for the needs of your specific audience. All are designed as mobile-friendly, fast to load and easy for you to update.

    From a completely new website or e-commerce platform to a few minor visual tweaks, Accelerate PR will revitalise your online presence.

    Graphic Design

    Whether for published, printed or electronic media, Accelerate PR’s creative design team will work with you and your team to produce graphics that blow your expectations out the water.


    We work at the forefront of latest design trends, keeping an eye on what is “hot” and what is “not” for your audience.


    All of our designers use the latest version of the leading design software on the market, giving them access to the best tools for the job.


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    Video Production

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth at least a thousands and one! Video is a powerful medium which most of your competitors are likely to be ignoring – they shouldn’t. It enables your brand to convey its story with style, concisely and memorably. Check out some of our work below.


    Whether you are looking for us to record a new pre-roll ad for YouTube or you need a narrated 60 second explainer video, Accelerate PR can help.


    Our talented team can record the initial footage, edit it and publish it. We can do everything from writing the initial storyboard to pushing it out on your social media channels. Simple.


    As we employ our contractors on a project-by-project basis, meaning you have access to the best professionals at a fraction of the cost you would pay a fully-staffed agency.


    Trustworthy, high quality, relevant. We all look for the same things when making a purchase but somehow many companies fail to convey this message. What would you think of a bank with a pink logo written in Comic Sans? We certainly wouldn’t bank there, that’s for sure! This may be an obvious example, but the typography, images and colours a brand uses in its visual identity are more important than most realise.

    Does your branding look professional? Does it fit the expectations customers expect to have of a company in your industry? The creative team at Accelerate PR will ensure your branding is fit for purpose.