The Engine Rooms is a chic mediterranean-inspired restaurant, wine bar and events space in London.

The new design-led destination boasts a modern industrial feel with two indoor and one outdoor courtyard areas serving fresh, flavoursome food, complemented by a selection of fine wines sourced from small, sustainable vineyards.

The Problem

A brand new destination restaurant created from scratch in 2020, The Engine Rooms represented a £3,000,000 investment in a unique vision of dining in the Capital. Constructed alongside one of the country’s most prestigious classic car dealerships, Hexagon Classics in North London, it required an effective awareness campaign to draw clientele from launch, backed up by paid ads across Facebook and Instagram to secure table bookings, delivering a bottom line return.

Existing customers for the car business were certainly one audience, but the potential customer base for The Engine Rooms reached far wider. This all-new restaurant required the creation of a clearly defined identity, including the launch of a supporting social media presence, projecting the correct tone of voice to attract the desired A,B, C1 demographic, or as the old adage goes, putting behinds on seats!

The Solution

Creating a social presence for The Engine Rooms was Accelerate PR's first port of call, raising awareness of this new business and establishing a tone of voice that would promote the restaurant's image and modus operandi.

Accelerate PR gave initial priority to showcasing the important architectural elements of the space, the tantalising seasonal menus – underlining the use of very high quality ingredients – and of course, the venue's USP – its proximity to Hexagon Classics. The classic car dealership impacted the form of the business and its overarching theme – the automotive.

All efforts focused on directing traffic to The Engine Rooms website (theenginerooms.co.uk) where customers could book a table directly, prioritising this over third party booking systems so as to best exhibit the high quality, and multi-faceted, offering of The Engine Rooms to potential customers.

The Results

Accelerate PR immediately began to employ a mixture of targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising mixed with organic posts to build brand awareness and generate table bookings. Quality was absolutely vital as it was the ethos of The Engine Rooms, Accelerate PR reflected this using high quality photography, video and copy to showcase the prospect on offer, optimising paid media to deliver table bookings for under £6.44 per head. With an average customer spend of over £70, this marketing spend was well within our 10% of customer value objective.

Testing was key for continued success, Accelerate PR stabilised that a short funnel was required to first entice and engage users, the audience was then retargeted with an option to book. With this, Accelerate PR was able to provide a consistent and predictable flow of new traffic translating these into customers at tables. Over 40% of traffic to The Engine Rooms website now comes through its social channels and table bookings generated from the same source are directly accountable for £12,000 of additional restaurant revenue each month.

Accelerate PR truly lived up to their name - they provided a holistic service, routinely suggesting improvements and bringing very useful ideas to the table.

Engine Rooms

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