Established in 1963, Hexagon Classics enjoys a rich history and a worldwide reputation for offering the very best high quality classic and modern classic cars for sale.

In collaboration with Accelerate PR, the goal was to communicate the depth of knowledge and first class reputation of Hexagon Classics in the automotive industry to a fresh audience via social media in order to sell vehicles.

The Problem

Hexagon Classics had an existing Facebook page but with little activity, the same applied to its Instagram and Twitter accounts with barely 1,000 followers spread across all three channels.

The Solution

Representing the prestigious Hexagon Classics brand online with a confident and knowledgeable tone of voice that was correct for its existing traditional – and forthcoming new – audience was the balancing act Accelerate PR undertook with gusto.

Activity on all existing social media channels was increased with daily posts underlining the brand's expertise and available stock. However, Accelerate PR's efforts were not solely focused on social media. Two monthly Hexagon Classics newsletters were created, designed and distributed with regular blog posts to its website in support.

The third piece of the puzzle was targeted advertising. Via Facebook and Instagram brand awareness was built via paid media working in harmony with organic posts, directing and generating traffic, and utilising Facebook’s Shop function to best effect.

The Results

Accelerate PR began working with Hexagon Classics in 2017 and the results really do speak for themselves. The brand's audience has grown by more than 40,000 users across its three social media channels, while also garnering the attentions and respect of leading automotive industry figures and publications on a regular basis. For Hexagon Classics, Facebook and Instagram advertising is now the primary source for generating traffic to the firm’s website (hexagonclassics.com).

By utilising previous customer data, Accelerate PR has been able to find over 250,000 unique new users – introducing them to the brand and its current stock lists. Today, Facebook alone accounts for 58% of all Hexagon Classics website traffic (YoY 2021-2022), this includes a quarter of a million unique users, enabling the brand to scale its potential customer base quickly and efficiently. Accelerate PR's campaigns are prolific, generating targeted website traffic for just 0.01p per click (PPC).

Though Accelerate PR often prioritises engagement over fan metrics, following our work the Hexagon Classics Facebook follower count has grown by over 400% and, despite Facebook throttling organic reach in recent times, in 2022 our content and adverts for Hexagon Classics reached over 264,500 users every 28 days.

Organically (without advertising budget), the Hexagon Classics Instagram channel reaches over 140,000 people every month, while paid media via Facebook and Instagram contribute to the grand total of over 250,000 new users each year – this equates to reaching more than 600,000 targeted potential customers every month. Through a strategic plan of scaling, Accelerate PR now reaches over 400,000 people every single month with no allocated budget.

Joel and the team at Accelerate PR provided an invaluable service to Hexagon Classics. Critical attention was paid to all aspects of the business and regular contact (always going above and beyond the call of duty!) assured the team that all aspects of the marketing frontier were successfully covered.

Caspar Eccles-Williams, Hexagon Classics

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