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Product Placement

Product placements are a powerful way to get your brand under the nose of your customers. But do you know where to start? We do.

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In such a busy world, your brand has to do more to stand out than ever before. Why not commit yourself to your fans’ favourite causes? 

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Whether you are a large public service organisation or an exciting young fashion brand, a competition will encourage your audience to take action. 

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Product Placement

Building trust and advocacy is difficult, especially for if your brand doesn’t have the marketing budget of a large multi-national. Product placement will encourage your customers to associate your brand with people they trust. Whether that is their favourite actor wearing your new boots or drinking a bottle of your latest beer, they will soon sit up and take notice.


Accelerate PR will draw on their years of experience and established network of contacts to secure you the most relevant placements.


We’ll make sure we secure spots your audience will actually noticed. With Accelerate PR you won’t be gone in a flash!


You may be surprised at how little product placement may cost you. Why not give us a call to find out more?

Accelerate PR are only focused on results!


Picture your ideal customer. Imagine where they hang out, what they watch on TV and the things they get up to at the weekend. Based on their routine, do you think they are going to notice your brand? This is where sponsorship plays a key part in increasing brand awareness and engagement. You can place your brand in front of your audience, whether they are watching their favourite football team play or visiting their favourite trade show with their boss.


We work hard to establish envious connections for you to make use of!


We will manage the entire process for you, from start to finish. 


We’ll work with you to target your particular audience.


Make your audience sit up and take notice with cleverly crafted sponsorship!

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Competitions are not only a fun way to get your audience to engage with your brand, but in the age of social media they also work wonders for brand awareness too. It isn’t just competition winners that will turn into brand advocates but those that entered will now also be aware of your product and may consider making a purchase.

Luckily, competitions are highly-cost effective. We can help drive engagement through social media (with over 130,000 followers on our Facebook page we certainly believe in the power of social media!) or we can also help you launch, manage and measure an effective offline campaign.