Joel Newman

Director/ Ad specialist

15 years of running a digital media agency. Joel specialise in paid social, with an emphasis on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. Joel has worked on over 100 client ad accounts, and looked after a spend that exceeds £10 million. His adverts have generated over £65 million in client revenue. Joel is dedicated to data, analysis and optimisation. In fact he doesn’t stop talking about it (as you can attest if you have met him!). Joel finds quick wins for clients, establishes campaigns that after time run on auto pilot and, based on the data, develops long-term digital strategies designed to grow and scale businesses. Joel is also client facing, and plays an integral role with each and every client account.

Simon Jackson

Media Consultant

Simon has more than 15 years experience of providing editorial services to publishing houses, delivering professional PR communications to global audiences and managing social media for a broad mix of clients.

Lorna Mansford


Skills, experience, education or training: Lorna has over 20 years experience as a graphic designer working in publishing, content creation, corporate identity and packaging design. She will visualise and create graphics, logos, layouts and more to communicate the clients message from the initial design through to the final product.

John Chablo

Google Ad Words Specialist

John has spent over 12 years running successful Ad Word Campaigns at Accelerate. He understands the need and requirement for each and every business, and tailors his approach. Google ads are the only method guaranteed to get your product or service on the front page.

Gareth Moore

Website Developer

Gareth has been building websites for us for over 22 years. He always gathers a clear picture of the message that needs to be portrayed on the website - and more importantly how that message is delivered. Once the details are determined, Gareth will create layouts, designs, and functionality that display the client's services in a way that is appealing to the target audience and in a way that exceeds the customers’ expectations. He also carries a degree in Marketing.

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