Nightflix is a drive-in cinema offering the largest LED screens in the UK alongside award-winning sound and gourmet food at more venues than any other provider of its type. 

Visitors watch the latest movies from the comfort of their own vehicles and order food delivered to their car window. 

The concept of the drive-in cinema was developed in the USA in the 1930s and remains heavily associated with the country, however, in recent years drive-in cinemas have been proving popular in the UK and Europe too, they provided much needed entertainment to audiences during the pandemic.

The Problem

When Covid-19 arrived it spelled disaster for most businesses, however, as rules changed and outdoor events were permitted, an opportunity presented itself for Nightflix. Demand for its offering was great and that meant scaling its offering, quickly and effectively.

Selling tickets to hundreds of thousands of new customers at regional pop-up venues opened only days or weeks before their potential visit created a problem – how best to capture attention, drive sales and fill Nightflix venues, fast?

The Solution

With venues across the UK springing up daily, targeted ads via Instagram and Facebook seemed the simplest, most cost effective, and fastest solution for Nightflix to take advantage of the opportunity presented before it – and to thrive. Within seven days of our first meeting with Nightflix we created visual assets and launched our first campaign. Within four days of campaign launch we were selling tickets at each and every venue, reaching capacity quickly. Facebook accounted for over 78% of all Nightflix ticket sales.

Our approach was to showcase the Nightflix concept and its venues in the best possible light, employing photography and bespoke graphics assets, to create engaging advert artwork designed to appeal to the many trapped in their homes during the pandemic – those keen to find a pastime permitted by current government restrictions.

The Results

Accelerate PR immediately began to employ targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising to drive ticket Nightflix sales. Not only were we able to sell out each venue, we were also able to foster a substantial profit – we delivered over 8x ROAS over the early phase of our campaign. However, we also drove the average cost of ticket sales down by more than 45% – that equated to over £1.4 million in ticket sales delivered through social channels alone, with almost no additional client spend.

With the cost to our client negligible, Accelerate PR was able to effectively scale to the point where customer spend increased by over 1200% as social sales rose from 10% to more than 75% of all income. These instant results came within four days of our campaign launching. Our actions also gave Nightflix a huge, highly engaged, audience of people to retarget – we retargeted customers who had made a purchase, and those who had almost made a purchase, too. At the end our campaign we were delivering a maximum of over 11.4x ROAS.

The best Facebook and Instagram advertising agency we, as Nightflix, and I have ever worked with. They sold out every venue we have!

B.Stonehouse , CEO, Nightflix

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