Marketing Consultancy at Accelerate PR

Our team have been marketing products and services within the automotive industry for a decade and are on hand to guide, advise and reshape your marketing from day one. We draw on our collective experience to give your brand the attention it deserves. From web product creation to design to packaging, competitor analysis to collaboration, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to paint you the fullest picture of your market, making sure every message your brand delivers is relevant, timely and forward thinking.

  Since 2008, Joel Newman and the team at Accelerate PR have been launching new brands or boosting existing ones. Are you ready to take your automotive marketing to the next level?


We can work together to produce a comprehensive marketing plan, which we then put into action, or we can simply spend a morning working through a particular challenge you face.


Everything Accelerate PR delivers is transparent, accountable and built on sound processes. We won’t just make idle chitchat, our work gives you more time and money you need.


There are no amateurs here. We have already likely worked through the same, or similar challenges, that you faced. We know the questions to ask and the answers to question.


If you take a look at our portfolio you will see that we not only “talk the talk” but we also “walk the walk”. We have the experience to meet your PR needs.

Accelerate PR are one of the leading automotive PR agencies in the UK