Targeted Social Advertising

In the digital age, competition is rife – your competitors and their products are a simple search away. At Accelerate we use a combintion of data, including the Facebook pixel, Google Analytics and our very own unique, specialist software we call Ad-cellerate. We show our clients products and services only to those most likely to purchase or engage. That means we can dramatically reduce your advertising spend while increasing your return on investment.

We listen to our clients and create unique audiences of past and potential customers based on consumer behaviour and customer demographics. This allows us to target and engage with only those most likely to engage or purchase.

We have a reputation for creating successful campaigns across Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and Twitter with a decade of experience imaging, designing, and optimising hundreds of thousands of adverts, we have established ourselves as London’s go to agency for Facebook advertising. The “scattergun” approach is thankfully, no longer necessary.


You’ll always know exactly how much your campaigns are costing and the tangible results they have created for you.


Managed well and combined with compelling content, social media ads can produce the best ROI out of any channel.


We go far further than age, income and marital status. At Accelerate we delve deeper, taking into account average online spend, current mortgage outlay, holiday destinations, favourite newspaper – which help us communicate with real individuals, with real spending power!


AcceleratePR have a wealth of experience in launching and managing successful social media campaigns.


Social Media Management

Accelerate PR specialises in all things social. That means that, since 2008, we’ve ensured that some of the world’s biggest brands understand social media, and use it properly. We base our targeting on data, gathered from your customers behaviour online, on your website and on social media. From listening to what the right people are saying, to understanding the conversations that are happening, we will help you target your audience in the right way, at the right time and with the right offering.

We are proud to run and manage the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages of over 35 brands in the UK, Germany, France and America! With such a plethora of channels, the key is choosing the right platform and generating content that resonates and connects with your online communities.

We’ll help you drive website traffic, connect and form relationships with potential and spread your brand message at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. At a click of a button you can share news and new products, special offers and enriching stories with thousands of highly motivated, highly relevant fans – and you won’t need to reply on third party media outlets to do it! From content creation, to promotion and measurement, Accelerate PR offer a real end-to-end solution.