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Dodo Juice is one of the funkiest, most desirable and well-marketed brands on the UK automotive scene. After only three years the firm has picked up a host of awards for the quality of its products, its website and its innovative approach to car cleaning and detailing products. 

With demand constantly rising, Dodo Juice approached Accelerate PR, seeking help and direction, and also seeking to free up time for its exhausted directors to continue growing the brand. We are over the moon that Accelerate PR has been selected to help launch new products, increase awareness, establish new media links and find partnership opportunities in-line with the highly calculated image the firm have worked so hard to achieve. With quick wins a stated goal, we immediately found four magazines that shared a similar and stylish ethos, as we understand that it’s not just being seen, but where you’re seen that counts. We secured sponsorship in Performance VW magazine’s letters page, as well as the three magazines produced by Total (Total Impreza, Total Nissan and Total Evolution). We have also placed full-page competitions for the company in leading motoring and hand-picked lifestyle publications. In addition we help and assist the media with information and products associated with how-to guides or detailing features, working as Dodo Juice’s full time media contact and representative.

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Dodo Juice
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