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Respected German manufacturer Fox Exhausts has spent over a decade supplying the biggest names and most respected tuners across Germany with stainless steel OEM and performance exhaust systems. At the start of 2010, this ultra successful business-to-business operation took on a whole new arena.

For the first time in its history the company began selling high quality stainless steel exhausts systems directly to the public. With immediate success the Fox Exhaust brand has gone from strength to strength, so we were absolutely delighted the firm chose Accelerate PR to handle its UK launch and subsequent media strategy. We started by writing and distributing bespoke press releases to all the biggest players within the industry. Through our contact book we managed to procure a huge amount of coverage in our first three months.

With the brand appearing everywhere across the entire UK automotive scene we worked on establishing links and relationships that would allow Fox Exhausts to take part in various technical and fitting guides. With awareness and the ‘buzz’ for the brand increasing, dealers, tuners and specialists from across the UK clambered to be the first to sell Fox’s products; Accelerate PR were very proud to be a part of this grand operation. Accelerate PR, keen to build on the interest generated, needed two suitable project cars which were selected from two popular magazines. Fox Exhausts now sponsor Performance BMW’s drift project Three Series and a luxury V.I.P. styled Japanese motor belonging to the editor of a leading UK magazine (images in the gallery as soon as we’re allowed to show them!).

On top of this we have also worked alongside three titles, including the UK’s leading modification magazines, to provide Fox Exhausts with full page competitions as well as having their logos placed on staff cars. We’ve also acquired a number of free advertisements and have opened up lines of communication, which can only strengthen the brand. In addition we provide Fox Exhausts with a full time UK media contact to handle all press and editorial enquiries.

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Fox Exhausts
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