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“We prioritise customers to strengthen your business, build relationships that last and nurture sales from first click to checkout.”

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Our approach to community management doesn’t involve daily quotas or bombarding fans with posts regardless of the quality. If we haven’t got something interesting to say, we don’t say it. We use the power of engaging conversation to create vibrant communities who become loyal customers.

Through daily publishing, monitoring and responsive customer support, we build our clients’ brand equity to drive organic reach. Specifically, our community management service includes:

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT Monitoring your social channels on a daily basis, replying to comments and messages and helping customers understand your products and services.

CONTENT PLANNING. Content always needs a plan and a strategy. What are we going to say? Why are we going to say it? What action do our leads or clients need to take? How do we make it all happen?

TACTICAL ADVERTISING Using advertising tactically to ensure your best content regularly reaches your target audience. We also pro-actively engage with target influencers.

Initially we were nervous about outsourcing our social media campaigns as we had always been in control, but we knew we needed help and guidance. I would highly recommend using the team at Accelerate PR. Thanks guys!

Mark Sumpter, Managing Director Paragon Porsche

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