Tool Maniac is a company dedicated to showcasing good quality hand tools to a like-minded audience. 

Its prospect – led by its website (toolmaniac.co.uk) – is designed as a one-stop shop for tool lovers. 

The Problem

Tool Maniac was a new business arriving in a crowded and very competitive marketplace when it began its relationship with Accelerate PR in 2019. The brand was searching for the most effective way to grow, and make the most of, its social media presence in order to drive traffic to its website to sell tools, tool boxes and trade specific kits to customers. 

The Solution

A two-pronged strategy was employed by Accelerate PR on behalf of Tool Maniac to optimise its online presence; organic and paid media. A balanced mix of carefully curated organic social content and targeted paid media advertising was disseminated across Facebook and Instagram channels to drive traffic to the Tool Maniac website.

Accelerate PR highlighted a broad selection of attractive special offers, and worked to amplify Tool Maniac’s existing promotional activities. For example, the brand's sponsorship in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) was harnessed to attract fans of this form of motorsport to the brand via paid media.

The Results

Accelerate PR produced a series of adverts for Tool Maniac across its Facebook and Instagram channels. New customers discovered on social media were driven into a funnel created by Accelerate PR, these users were then retargeted, not just with specific offers based on their online profiles, but by their trades – targeted with specific products and special offers most relevant to them. This approach played on existing relationships with tool manufacturers to offer Tool Maniac's exclusive bundles, packs and discounts to the most receptive audience.

The plan delivered a headline return on investment (ROI) – £44.80 for every £1.00 spent. On average Accelerate PR delivered a £13.10 ROI, in total generating over £250,000 in sales across just a four month period. But don't take our word for it – read the testimonial below from a Facebook Marketing Expert, Bran McGowan.

In short Accelerate PR turned Tool Maniac from a new name in the online tool game to a major industry player in under 12 months.

This ad account is as successful as any I've seen this side of the new year.

Bran McGowan, Facebook Marketing Expert

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